Arrived in Mexico City

Packed and ready to go.  My friend Doug pick up Margo and I with all our luggage which was wonderful.  We didn’t have to  call a taxi.  Arrived early to the bus station but unfortunately could not buy our return ticket for the 31st.

the bus ride was “Terminators” movie loud no individual headsets…yikes.  It was short only 3 hrs and 30 minutes from San Miguel.  Found a  porter quickly and a taxi very quickly and were off to condesa.  Since it was a holiday the traffic was minimal so we were at the apartment in 15 minutes which is normally 40 minutes with traffic.

We arrived to find the maid setting up  and cleaning so we left for comida.


We went around the corner to an Italian restaurant Trattoria Giavonni and were seated quickly.  We had delicous bread dipped in olive oil with freshly cut basil by the waiter.  First time I had seen that and it was delicous.  We arrive at 2:30 and when we were finished at 3:30 there was a line to get into the restaurant.





I had linguini with pesto sauce perfectly al dente.  And a cold cerveza.



Now back to the apartment to unpack.


More manana…


Botero in Mexico City

Botero is showing at the Belles Artes through June.  Large crowds were in front of the Belles Artes to see the sculptures.

















beautiful lady

Visiting the “apartment” in Mexico city

Margo and I visited the colonia Condessa to experience where we will be living for the month of May.

The colonia has many beautiful restaurants, boutiques and art deco houses and apartments.

The apartment at Amsterdam 274.  Clock tower in Parque Mexico that is in the center of Condessa.

Going to Mexico City

Welcome to my blog “A month in Mexico City”  My friend Margo and I will be going this Wednesday to meet the owners of the apartment we will be renting for the month.  We will be staying at the Red Tree House in colonia condessa which is very popular with San Miguel travellers.  It is a friendly bnb with breakfast included.    I am looking forward to exploring condessa, a colonia I don’t know.  I am familiar with Mexico City centro after having stayed many times at the Gillow Hotel in centro.

Wish us luck and I will keep you all posted with pictures about the adventure.

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